Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hiding His Word Tips

Wowza!! Loving all of the comments and questions that have come in this week about how I taught Kaitlyn a scripture for every letter of the alphabet. My inspiration came from these sources.

We also searched youtube or godtube for any of these scriptures to song. Putting a scripture to song or making up motions to go with the words were the easiest scriptures for Kailtyn to memorize. Here are  a few sources.


I have also listed out all of the scriptures Kailtyn and I learned together in one spot...use these as inspiration and find scriptures that will really speak life into the little heart or hearts in your care. Can't wait to hear how God blesses your family through the mediation of His word!

Here is a link to all my posts related to ABC Scriptures : 

And if your little one is too young to memorize, check out the God Made Me! days I started doing with Kaitlyn when she was 2.


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Joyce Maynard said...

You put a lot of effort into this teaching resource. I thought it was a unique teaching tool. I pinned it on one of our Pinterest boards (Sunday Bells Publications) for the benefit of other parents.