Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall & Football...September is here

It's officially fall around our casa!
This month, Kaitlyn had her 1st soccer game
The Aggies played their first game and we welcomed  
Daddy's Favorite Time of the Year with a football party!!

Little Mr has been fighting me taking a nap...and finally just gave in at the grocery store
We've been having lots of fun just the two of us!
Boy does he miss his partner in crime when she is at school!
I found my 1st love note from Kaitlyn in my mail basket one day while she was at school.
Melt my heart

When Kailtyn is not in school, she loves playing school.
Her student..aka brother..doesn't pay attention too well!
 We started hiding His word and learning our ASK memory verses.
Thanks to this gift from my sweet friend Nicole, we memorize scripture at stop lights
Speaking of ASK!! We started off with a bang and Kaitlyn is no longer a mustard seed now that she is school age. Little Miss was super excited to be with the "big kids" and we had 175 kids show up!!
We started on stuffing bags to let our light shine next month...read more here. 
And Kaitlyn had her 2nd friend sleepover
Happy Fall Yall!!!