Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Recap...summer is here!!!

May was such a fun month!! And..jam packed full!
My sweet Kaitlyn finished up her last year of preschool. 
She looked so grown up at dinner before her program.
At her graduation her teacher said what she thought each child would be when they grew up. She said  Kaitlyn would be a childrens minister because she knows and wants to learn so much about the bible. Little Miss, you made this mama so proud!
Kaitlyn has had the sweetest little class this year. We are really going to miss them!
We had a blast at her end of year carnival

K and I celebrated a day of "last's"! Kaitlyn's last day of preschool and mamas last day of work! So incredibly blessed that God has provided for me to stay at home with my babies full time!!

 Little Miss also finished up a year at gymnastics with her bestie Marisa!
Jackson is a wanna-be member of their class
 The weather has been beautiful so we spent lots of nights in the backyard!
We (sniff sniff) registered Little Miss for Kindergarten in the fall!

Chris and I had 2 date nights!!!

 We had a swim party and invited all of our Mustard Seeds!
We had lots of superhero sightings
 My favorite was the caped boy at HEB
And celebrated Memorial Day with friends!

The boys..too cool for a pic
 Sweet baby blue eyes Brumley

Here comes June and we gladly say.....