Friday, July 13, 2012

Learning the Letter P

We are learning the Letter P this week!
Our verse is found in Ephesians
We learned a little bit about the Armor of God last year.
You may remember Kaitlyn's cute rendition singing the Armor of God song here.
We were sooo excited to use our Tabletop Truth place mats Aunt Jane got us for Christmas to talk about the Armor of God over meals!
Since the foundation for what the Armor of God was laid last year, we were able to really talk about what it means that God has given us the protection we need!
I found this AWESOME!!! kid-friendly explanation of each piece of God's Armor.
We also colored the armor of God (cute site for biblical coloring pages here)

Now we couldn't learn about Armor and the Letter P without throwing in the word Princess!!
 We learned about what it means to be God's princess and found the most adorable Princess sheets here

We had so much fun this week, I almost don't want Letter P to end!!
All this talk about being a Princess is great foundation for learning Letter Q and all about Queen Esther!!
Sweet Kaitlyn, may these truths forever be in your heart. I pray that learning these scriptures makes you yearn for His word as it is your ever-present help in time of need. May you never forget that you are daughter of the King!


rockinabbs29 said...

Hi! I am a new follower! You have precious kids and I love all the ideas you have!

Ashley Tremaine said...

Your daughter is so blessed to have such a caring Momma, who loves the Lord and wants to share that love with her!! I love coming to your blog and reading how you bring God into your everyday interaction with your kiddos!! So sweet! :)