Sunday, June 10, 2012

Learning the Letter L

We are back!!! So excited to pick up where we ended last summer and continue learning letters and scriptures with Kaitlyn.
Last summer we learned Letters A-K. See all our fun here.
I was so proud of the Truth's Kaitlyn committed to memory and have LOVED how we were able to continue talking about Giving freely, saying a Kind word, Honoring parents, Being thankful, and having a Cheerful heart.

This week, we are learning to Let our Lights Shine and Letter L. 
Kaitlyn and I have had awesome discussions about what it means to have Jesus in your heart and how He changes you from the inside out.
To reinforce how powerful a light is in the dark, we had lots of fun with flashlights and glow-sticks! 
Who knew these dollar store finds could provide so many hours of fun! The kiddos did have a hard time waiting for it get to dark to play ring toss and glow in the dark bowling.

We also took this opportunity to make a fun dessert on the grill. We made a version of these campfire cones.

My prayer is that Jesus is so much apart of Kaitlyn's life, that there isn't room for anything else; that others see Jesus in her words, her actions, and even her smile.
  Keep letting your light shine sweet girl! 
 image found here
We will see if chasing Little Man will allow us to do a different Letter each week. As for tomorrow, we get out stitches! Silly Boy!

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