Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 Today I had the awesome privilege to share about being a world changer on my friend Wynne's blog.
 Wynne's blog is beyond amazing to read, and you must follow her Anybody series. 

Wynne says God "gloriously ruined" their lives when they started living sold out for His purpose's!
Wynne challenge's her readers that anybody can change the world..and it starts with me and you!!!. 

Read a little bit here about how I’m just a mom in love with Jesus and His word.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lunch Box Love

Sooo. I have a confession........
I love packing Kaitlyn a lunch!!
I love putting special touches and fun things in her lunch box! In some weird way, it makes me feel like I'm giving her a big hug at school! 

Now before you read below..I thought I needed to just put some mommy confessions out there. It's so easy to just put "the pretty" on here...but our life can get quite messy. It's not all watercolors and wonderful...there are lots of messes and mayhem. 
Although I have strive to be super mama in the lunch making department, confession time: I'm too lazy to sort laundry. So I don't sort..It all goes in..no matter the color or material. And another confession is Jackson had cheese-itz and marshmallows for breakfast. So there! ;) 

If you also have the lunchbox love, here a just a few things I love to use for school lunch.
For 1, I have way too many lunch boxes! 
But they are fun and Kaitlyn's gets excited to see what box I packed.
I love keeping leftover napkins from parties, baby showers, etc. 
It's so fun to put a happy napkin in my little one's box.
We have lots of containers & sandwich cutters are so fun! Most of mine have come from the Target dollar bin. 
 My new faves are the Easy Lunch boxes. 
 Best-Selling Lunch Boxes
I also love the dishwasher safe labels we bought from Stuck on You

I also love using silicone cupcake cups, paper cups or anything fun to put treats in. 

 How cute are these guys from Dollar Tree!!
And of course, it's so easy to print all of the Lunch Box Love Notes. I can't wait  until Kaitlyn can read and I can put a scripture in her box everyday.
These from Happy Home Fairy are on my radar
Inspirational Lunch Box Notes
 I'm not sure if this will only last through Kinder, or only this 1st semester, but I'm an official Lunch Box Crazy Mama!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1st week of school

We survived! 
The days were oh so long anticipating picking K up from school, 
but we made it through her first week!!
Little Miss brought home lots of fun things she made and learned this week.

I loved her 1st day questionnaire and mommy getting to write a note for her to put in a Kinder capsule to open at the end of the year. 

We even got to eat lunch with our little Kinder one day.

Speaking of lunches...this mama is a little obsessed...more on that later!

1st day of school!

It's here!! Summer is over and Kaitlyn's first
day of Kindergarten is HERE!!!!
The night before Little Miss went through all of her supplies marking them off the list.
Kaitlyn's teacher gave us a few "wish" items at Meet the Teacher, so we made sure to package them in a cute way!
That morning she was sooo excited to go!

 Melt my heart....
Little Man is not going to know what to do on school days when his partner in crime is not around.  
I prayed Isaiah 40:11 over my little lamb "He will tend his flock like a shepherd; he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carry them in his bosom, and gently lead those that are with young." 
 I loved the encouragement a friend posted about this verse... "Peace washes over me with this verse, knowing that He will be carrying my lamb as I let go and watch him walk into that classroom on Monday. And knowing that He won't leave me standing there either but will gently lead me. Oh our God is so so GOOD!! "

Oh happy day, my Kinder Kaitlyn!

Meet the Teacher!

This mama was counting down the days to Kaitlyn's "Kindergarten Meet the Teacher" night. 
 After a brief talk in the cafeteria, we headed to Mrs. Dehlinger's class.
Her teacher had a welcome gift and lots of instructions for us.

We took Mrs. Dehlinger a little gift of our own too!
 Kaitlyn found her spot, and she was ready to start learning..
It's here! My heart leaves for Kindergarten on Monday.