Friday, June 22, 2012

Learning the Letter N

We spent this week learning the Letter N!
  Our scripture this week is found in Luke
What a great scripture to tie into last week.
 There is absolutely NOTHING that God can not do.
NOTHING is impossible with Him on our side.
We used this  awesome app I put on my phone to remember the story of Noah. The app reads aloud the story and your little one can touch characters and objects on the screen to make it interactive.
 Kaitlyn said.."mom, how cool Noah starts with the Letter N!"

When we talked about the story of Noah we talked about the rainbow God sent and continues to send as a reminder that He will never flood the Earth again. 
We decided to make a rainbow & ark and use the raindrops to write down all the things God promises to us. Her answers were precious....

Loving how God is using the everyday rhythms of life to breathe life into Kaitlyn's little heart.
Thank you sweet Jesus that you love and care for Kaitlyn more than I do and that not a moment goes by that you are not singing your promises over her.

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alli zachry said...

Soooo... when can I sign my kids up for Mrs. Sommer's preschool?? ;) You haave such a gift sweet momma!!