Sunday, August 25, 2013

Learning Letter W...

We had way too much fun learning letter W
So much that this Mama almost did not want to move on to the next letter!
Kaitlyn and I started talking about the World. Still, such a hard concept to a little one. 
 Our sweet friends the Elders opened Kaitlyn's eyes to ALL the little children of the world and swayed most of her decision when we decided to sponsor a child that lived on the opposite side of the World from us through Compassion International.
Kaitlyn picked a little girl from Africa who is 5 years old named Karidia.
We cant wait to send our sweet Karidia letters and learn more about her and her family.
 The Elders also helped us learn about another letter W word..Water.
Stephen Elder used his birthday to raise awareness about the lack of Water in other countries. Kailtlyn had a lemonade stand to contribute to the cause and made $18.41 to go towards little ones just like her having access to clean water.
Read more about this cause here
 We also talked about other Letter W words.. like...the Weather

And our Letter W WAIT on the Lord.
Such another hard concept of a little one...who I am kidding...mommy needed to memorize this scripture the most. Letter X & Y you are up next!

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Wynne Elder said...

I absolutely adore this friend! you are so amazing + I have LOVED watching you and KK on this journey. and I love how god can use our adoption to teach sweet children about his love for all the kids in the world! love you!