Sunday, July 29, 2012

Learning the Letter Q

We are learning Letter Q and Queen Esther this week!
See all the letters and scriptures we have learned here
Kaitlyn has grown to love our Veggie Tale episode on queen much that I might could quote the whole episode for you!
We found a book at Mardell's that had Queen Esther on the cover and I have to tell you about this book so you go out right now to purchase for your little girl!
 It is the most adorable book on all the princesses of the Bible and has captivated Kaitlyn's heart.
Each story starts "mirror mirror on the wall, 
who was the most (each one is a different description) princess of all."
The different descriptions have been "most faithful, most brave, most prayerful"-seriously an awesome book for little girls!! Here it is on amazon.

Our scripture for Letter Q is found in James.
Just like Queen Esther we can learn to listen for God's voice, think before we speak in a hurtful way or react in anger.
You, my precious Kaitlyn, are God's fingerprint. The King is enthralled with You!!!(Psalm 45:11)
Just like Queen Esther and all the other princess in the Bible, God has big plans for you sweet girl! 
May you never forget you are set apart, you are loved by the God of the universe, precious in His sight, 

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