Thursday, August 9, 2012

Learning the Letter R

We are learning the Letter R and winding down our summer of learning letters. 

What a special summer Kaitlyn and I have had learning His word.
Our scripture for Letter R is a Proverb!
 I love love love this verse and have since a sweet friend sent it to me in highschool. 
I find it harder and harder to not always think about myself...but to think about others! 
So onto "living out" our verse. 
We thought it would be fun to make a Random Acts of Refreshment List to really learn what it means to "Refresh Others".

Kaitlyn and I came up with some fun ideas!

1. Donate toys/clothes to a Women and Children's home

2. Make a "give jar" and fill with money to give to someone we see in need

3. Take water bottles to bus stops 
We found the coolest printables here 
 4. Tape quarters to the vending machine at the hospital
Little Miss is having her tonsils out next week (boo!!) so we will do this next week

5. Take a gift to our neighbor that had a baby
6. Make buckets of bubbles and leave them at a couple of parks

And finally.... 
Go see Daddy work on a home for Habitat for Humanity

Wow!! This was so fun and Kaitlyn really caught the "refreshment" bug.
We will finish 2012 summer with Letter S and pick back up with T-Z next summer. 
To know Kaitlyn will start kindergarten next fall (really!!! she will be old enough for Kinder!! sniff sniff) with 26 scriptures hidden in her heart thrills this mama's heart!!

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