Friday, September 2, 2011

Crazy Love Club

What a breath of fresh air.

Is there anything more beautiful, more rewarding, more humbling, or more indescribable than loving on those in need?

I told you here that my summer bible study girlfriends and I were reading Crazy Love. This book and more importantly Gods commands to love others like I love myself (ouch) I love my precious I love my husband....left me saying "I want more!

I jokingly made the comment (because I thought they might laugh) that I wanted to schedule a day to help those in need like I would schedule a dr's appointment or a date night on my calendar.

Unfortunately I related all to well to the section of the book where the author said he looked around & the people surrounding his life had it all. He says "I realized everyone I knew had enough...and I needed to intentionally meet people who didn't live like I do...people that could never repay me.

And thus birthed the "Crazy Love Club" !!! A meeting amongst friends where we don't talk about ourselves or the achievements of our children. Where it's not about feeding our egos, it's all about others.

We just had our 1st meeting where precious hearts discussed the needs we see in our community and beyond that we can take part in. To see someone talk about helping feed the hungry, care for the orphans, bring a smile to a widow-that my friends is the fragrance of the sweet love of My Savior.

I'm not in here by chance, the money He has provided to my family is not just to watch my bank account grow. No-He has far greater things in mind....more than I could imagine.
I can't wait to share with you the things He has in store.

Love, such a simple word, so easy to roll off my tongue-but Lord I want more!
Help me LOVE like you love!!
Thank you that you have captured my heart....
"when you are in love with someone, it changes everything!"

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Wynne Elder said...

love you sweet friend! so honored to be in the crazy love club with you :) god is good!