Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ask..Learning Commandment 1

ASK CBS has exploded!!! (What is ASK? visit here)
We initially had 75 K-6th graders sign up and last week topped 200 munchkins!!! 

I have 7 precious 3 year olds in my Mustard Seed class and 5 babies.  
Little Miss is having a ball!
Our first week we learned that commandments are rules. Commandments is a hard word for a 3 yr old to say! I used a STOP and GO sign to explain that commandments are rules designed to protect us- just like traffic signals. We made a fun craft to 
STOP and listen to God
SLOW and make time for God
GO God's way everyday
This week we learned the First Commandment: Only one God

We made a fun craft where we traced our hands into a #1
When we heard in our lesson that God told the Isrealites that they were His precious treasure...we went on a treasure hunt!
Inside we found wrist bands that said God's team and medals to help us remember the 1st Commandment; There is only one God.
 I can hear their little voices chanting in my head as I am typing. They really liked saying it over and over again. We are learning by repetition, so I would say let's see who can say it the softest...and they would whisper..."only one God" and then I would say who can say it the loudest..and they would shout "only one God". God must have been grinning ear to ear to hear precious hearts praise His name!
I doing a devotional next week in our leaders meeting over Jehovah Shammah which means the Lord is present. I am so glad that the only God I serve was with me yesterday, is here in this moment, and already see's my tomorrow. There is no one like our God!

On to Commandment #2.....

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