Saturday, September 17, 2011

See ya!

Little Miss went to San Antonio with Grandma & Papa Harper this weekend. Boy oh Boy was she excited!!
When I told Kaitlyn I was really going to miss her she said "well, I will be back on Sunday...but I think I might just stay with Papa a lot of weeks" HA!

To make sure Little Miss knew how much we loved her, I made her a picture puzzle and hid it in her suitcase. Here is how I did it. So easy!! First, I super glued a picture of us to Popsicle sticks.
Next, I took an X-Acto knife and cut down the sides of the Popsicle sticks.
Then I mixed them all up, put them in a baggie with a little note, and hid it in her suitcase :)
This would be so easy for you to do and your little one would love it!!
So far I have been sent pictures of them on a carriage ride and eating at the Riverwalk. I think Little Miss is in for a treat this weekend!
Oh to be a grandparent that spoils rotten!!!

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