Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweet Sisters!

I love spending summer's with my sweet Sisters in Christ!

For the past 2 summers we have done Beth Moore's Esther and Fruit of the Spirit studies.
 We decided to take a break from Beth and read Crazy Love by Francis Chan.
I am going to be honest, when the book title first came up, my (honest) first thought was, "what more can I learn about love." It's not that I think I have it all figured out, but I just thought we would probably hear the same old others.. isn't that awful of me!!
Boy was I wrong! This book has been AMAZING and such a CHALLENGE to what I think love is!

A topic that keeps coming up in our discussions is how to steal away for quiet time when you have little one's. 

Having quiet moments to myself is H-A-R-D

With a 7 month old and 3 1/2 year old I am good to pee by myself (ha!) much less have 10-15 minutes of peace and quiet to myself.

I have finally just come to realize that this is a season of my life where my quiet time with God might look a little different, and that's okay! It's a season!

Getting my heart filled with his word might come from singing "This little light of mine or I've got the joy-joy-joy-joy down in my heart".

My daily bread might be lying on the floor with Kaitlyn, reading a children's book or working on our Letter of the Week scripture verse.
My prayer and praise time might be a pushing the double stroller on a walk in the neighborhood,  listening to praise and worship music.
In this season I fill our wipe boards, mirrors, and fridge with little scriptures or post it notes of praises!
 I leave my bible out on our coffee table open to a scripture that I can read and meditate over all day.

 I am learning to LOVE this season; where moments with Him are sprinkled into the everyday rhythms of life.
And most of all....
little hearts are learning that He is apart of our day!


Knight Family said...

I love this! Sometimes it is hard to just be ok with the crazy season of toddler and preschooler craziness. At times I feel guilty thinking my quiet time should "look" like something more formal and serious. But really God loves and delights in our intentions with him not the certain form or posture. Thanks for the simple reminder that singing Jesus Loves Me and reading children scripture books makes the heart of God smile. Also Crazy Love is a great read! I had a the same thoughts when I picked it up. HA! However... It is nothing like I expected it to be.

Sharee Forman said...

I'm excited to dig into it too, we're reading it in my girls' group this fall! :) And yes, with two kiddos (almost here) I'm sure this will be our same topic of conversation as well. Thanks for the simple encouragements to all the time-worn mommas out here. :)