Monday, March 1, 2010

Love & Logic

My friend Jodi blogged about a Love & Logic course she took after the arrival of her precious little one Parker. When I heard that a local church was offering a 6 week mini-session I joined a few friends to take the class. I must say, this style of parenting is very intriguing.
I am off to our class this morning on the topics of potty training, bedtime, manners, and eating habits. Very excited to see what I can learn.
As I was running around this morning checking e-mails, getting sippy cups, tying my shoes- I yelled "Kaitlyn, are you ready?"

Well, this is what I found. Miss Hollywood herself with her sunglasses upside down and a purse on her arm (of course!)
Here are a few pics of from the weekend. I ran fever starting Thursday afternoon and had a nasty cold, but little Miss never missed a beat!

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Tim&KatherineHird said...

I would love to come look at your garage sale stuff!! Thanks for the offer! PS: those are great pics!