Sunday, March 21, 2010

I want.....I need...

Kaitlyn has quite the vocabulary. She is such a cutie and I love to just sit and let her jabber. Lately, everything has been "Mommy, I need this...."From cookies to toys, a coke, or my lipstick....instead of the word want she uses the word need. When she says "I need candy"-I know that although she may want it, that is the last thing she needs before bedtime. 
Her mix-up of words has got me thinking.....
How much more does God look down at me and say
"Sommer, I know you say you need this, but it's not what you need."
My prayer is to be God-centered; desiring His will over my own. A verse from a song we sang at church this morning will be my prayer this week.
"Break my heart for what breaks yours, 
everything I have for the kingdom's cause"
My greatest joy will be in trusting that what God allows and cause's in my life is for His glory.

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