Friday, March 5, 2010


Notice some super cute changes!!! My most talented friend Wynne is doing a re-design on my blog. You have to check out her super cute layout here. She offers tons of tutorials on how to do the layout and fonts for your blog. Not only that, but Wynne is a great photographer. She captured some great pics at E-Teen CBS that I talk about so much. And not only that, but she is such a precious friend to me. I tell her all the time how blessed I am that God brought us together 'cause there we have a one-of-a-kind friendship.
Thanks Wynne!!!! Love you!!!


Wynne & Stephen said...

yeah sommer!!! thank you for the major shout out :) I hope to finish your blog today/this weekend :) I think it looks so cute - just like YOU! thank you for letting me play around. next up: photos of your sweet kaitlyn? LOVE YOU so much friend!!

Down Home Simplicity said...

This is SOOO cute!! Good job Wynne!