Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesdays Treasure: Finding the Balance

Genesis 2:18 reminds me that God said "It is not good for the man to be alone." And so he brought me into Chris' life to be a "helper suitable for him." I am on assignment from God-God chose me to love on Chris, to be his biggest fan, his cheerleader in life.

Yet, I have this other person in my life that sometimes I ask God "Really, you are entrusting her to me? She is so precious and does not know you like I do...I am to teach her, she is to follow my example?"

You see, I struggle with finding balance between what needs me attention and what is screaming for my attention. And yes, I mean the sweet, love of my life baby girl. Oh, this is such a tough issue because I want and need both of these relationships to feel my devotion to them, but so many times my relationship with Chris is the one that suffers. A wise woman once told me that you can be both a wife and a mother as long as you remember that you begin and end as a wife. If any of you have mastered how to find this balance, I'd love to hear!!

Lord, help me to be "in the moment" when I spend time with Chris and Kaitlyn. Help me to treasure these gifts you have entrusted to me. (wow, what did I do to deserve them?) Help me to "look carefully how I walk, to live purposefully, making the very most of the time" you have given me Ephesians 5:15-17

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Wynne & Stephen said...

I always look forward to your Tuesday Treasure - let me just say that you are (IMO) an amazing mom and wife. Chris and Kaitlyn are lucky to have you - and you are blessed to have been given this assignment from God. What a gift! love you friend - thanks for being a great example of what a wife and mother looks like