Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last minute, exactly what I needed, getaway

Friday we packed up the Tahoe and took a short drive to "good ole times". Our best friends Jeff and Cori and their two adorable kiddos CheyLee and Brady moved to San Angelo right about this time last year. I just can't type enough to explain what a blessing from God this sweet family has been to our lives.

Sadly, I forgot the camera and didn't get to catch the kids building sand castles while we ate dinner under twinkle lights and a sun set, breakfast and coffee in our pj's, lunch with 2 two year olds at a Mexican restaurant (can you see the rice flying everywhere), the boys with their golf clubs, the kids in their strollers with ice-cream all over...I mean all over their shirts, Cori and I talking about life and all its joys and troubles amidst shoe shopping, dinner for 4 while the kiddos stayed with Cici, waving goodbye to the last minute, exactly what I needed getaway. Love you Stewarts! Miss you sweet friend Cori!

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