Sunday, September 20, 2009

48 Hour Tea Party

Our friends Victoria and Ellery gave Kaitlyn a new tea set on Friday. It's the cutest toy! It came with 2 cups, a tray of cakes, and a teapot that sings and counts. We had such a blast playing with it Friday afternoon after our lunch with our friends. Well....48 hours later, we are still having tea party's!! Kaitlyn is obsessed!! :)

Saturday we ran into Tuesday Morning and I got Kaitlyn the CUTEST table and chairs. It matches her room perfectly.And thus...the tea party keeps on going. I think Chris and I have held the tea cup up to our mouth and said "Mmmm" about 100 times today!

What fun that my little one invites us to her tea party's. At least Chris doesn't have to get dressed up for the occassion...yet! I can just see him with costume jewely and a big hat on sitting at her table sipping tea one day :)


Stuart, Jennifer, Hannah and Hudson Yeager (Phoebe and Daisy too!) said...

Cute table! We have that tea set too! Those songs get in your head... and that English accent! hehe!

Anonymous said...

adorable! I love this age!