Monday, October 19, 2009

Kaitlyn's Funny Phrases

Kaitlyn is saying some of the cutest things!! To hear her sweet little voice is so much better...but I am loving

"Bye Duys (guys), See ya!"

" I sorry" (she says this when she falls down or when you stub your toe..anytime something hurts and it's so funny)

Papa Harper will say "Go Longhorns". Kaitlyn starts shaking her head and says "No, no Go Aggies!"

We've all been sneezing and coughing lately and she will get right up in my face, hold my cheeks and say "Bless you Mommy"

In the morningns when Chris takes her to my mom's on the day I work I say "Love you baby" and she say " I love you too...but it's more like "I bout you too"

Kaitlyn is loving saying her prayers. Her favorite part is A-men! Love it!!

Grandma Harper taught Kailtyn the B-I-B-L-E song. It's so cute at the end she yells BIBLE! And then she immeditaly says "Jesus", which means she wants to sing Jesus love me. When we get to the "Yes, Jesus loves me" part, she sings in really high pitch "Loves Me"!! Love it!!


Tanner, Jodi & Parker said...

How Precious! I love all her cute sayings...and Im sure it's even better with her sweet little voice.

Anonymous said...

that is adorable! My favorite is when she holds your cheeks and says "Bless you mommy" aahh, i can't stand it!