Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Plan....I did it!!

One of my goals while having some time off on maternity leave was to come up with some sort of system to menu plan. My friend Mandy has been doing this for some time now. She also posts recipes so you should check her out here
I read a post on another blog I stalk (hee..hee) here almost a year ago and got the idea to make meal planning magnets. I made a list of all my recipes and tried to come up with some sort of menu plan, but just kept thinking how unpredictable our lives are and how easily my menus could change. 
I changed her idea up quite a bit, but it's the same concept. I made a document in word (that I will e-mail you if you leave me a comment with your address) and printed all my meals on cardstock. 
Then I used these magnets I found at Hobby Lobby that were the perfect size for my template. 
I cut out all of my meals and put them on the magnets. 
Then I printed out a monthly calendar. You can find these lots of place online or even as a template in Word. I found some pretty cute ones here. They are the perfect size for my magnets.

Now, I can menu plan, but also have the freedom to change it up with the simple switch of a magnet. I also made a couple of magnets that says leftover, take out, night out, and even cereal on those days I just don't want to cook :) 
I would love to hear if you have come up with any great ideas to menu plan and I'll let you know if my system works!


Jane Bledsoe said...

OK Sommer...we just talked about this yesterday and you have already done this??? I cannot keep up with you my sweet sister-in-law! I am the whole thing! (And am so JEALOUS!!! I think I have the next two nights planned...)

Margaret said...

I love this so much, please send it to me :) It's not like I married a Chef or anything :)
I am way jealous too!!!!!