Sunday, January 30, 2011

But where does Jesus live?

Since the first of the year, Kaitlyn has been doing 3 chores a day and earning an allowance at the end of the week. Her chores are 1) help mommy with Jackson 2) set the table 3) pick up her toys.
Chris gives her $3 at the end of the week if she has done all her chores. It is so cute to watch them sit at the table and divide her allowance into spending, saving, and giving from the Financial Peace Jr we got for Christmas. 

This morning daddy and Kaitlyn got her money our of the "GIVE" envelope for her tithe at church. He explained to her that we were giving our money back to Jesus. This is our second week to take her tithe money to church and 0ur church has the most fun way for kids to tithe.
 They put their coins in the slot and round and round it fun!!!

So this morning before we left the house and Chris was explaining to her we were going to give our money back to Jesus, 
she says, "but where does Jesus live?" 
And Chris says, "well Jesus is in our hearts and He lives in heaven." 
And Kailtyn say...he doesn't live in the hole?"  
As in the hole at the bottom of the fun tithe tunnel! HA!! Bless my heart. 
So thankful for opportunities to teach our little one to tithe and know that it all belongs to Him!


Wynne & Stephen said...

laughing out loud!!!!!

love that yall do that.
thanks for setting such an awesome example!!!

Amanda said...

You're a great mom!!! Love this idea - so cute!