Monday, May 31, 2010

Dallas Family Fun

We spent Memorial Day in the Dallas area with our family. First stop was Sherman to stay with Chris' granddad and Aunt Kay & Uncle Bob. Kaitlyn had a great visit!

Saturday we swung by Allen to pick up a recliner we had purchased a month before. You know men and thier recliners HA! I did finally agree to one that was just a regular chair that the company special ordered into into a recliner. Chris finally has "His Chair".

Saturday afternoon we headed up to Lewisville for an awards banquet for my brother Shane. We even got to meet my step-dad's daughter LaKendra for supper. We got the whole fam in this trip!!! 

Sunday we worshiped with Shane at his church, Relevant Life Church and then headed to the Dallas Aquarium with KK. Oh boy did she have fun!!! 

So our attempts at a family pic this weekend did not turn out so great. Love this one at the aquarium; my eyes are closed, Kaitlyn is looking at a crocodile, and who knows what Chris is looking at! HA!
And one more outside our least we are all sort of looking at the camera!
Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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