Friday, May 14, 2010

3 months!

Today we had a dr appointment to hear the babies heartbeat!!! I had just recently went to see my dr for my regular yearly exam so there wasn't much to do and he let us peak and get a quick sonogram. It's hard to believe this little one is only the size of my thumb! We saw 2 little hands and feet and heard a really fast heartbeat. I think my favorite part was watching Chris' expressions at this little miracle of life. My precious family is growing; mama's heart is so full!!


Wynne & Stephen said...

so so thrilled!!!! at first I thought I read "2 little heads" and i was flipping you! hahhahaha

so thrilled for the bledsoe's!!!!!!

alli zachry said...

yippeeeeee!!!!!! so excited!!! you have the most precious family and my heart is so full also expecting a new little bledsoe!! :) :) :)