Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear First Trimester...

Sigh. You make me soooo tired! I feel like I have missed so many moments of my life lately because I am cuddled up on the couch or in our bed asleep. It's funny how you just hit me all of the sudden and what used to be my normal routine has become exhausting to me. We are almost 3 months into this and I think you are creeping behind me.
Praying for a healthy baby at our dr appointment next week and news that "the old me" might soon return with renewed energy :) Now don't get me wrong, your presence in my life warms my heart as I know all of this is in preparation of a precious addition to our family. Just make me tired.

Anxiously awaiting mom,


The Dodds said...

Aw Sweet One... It will pass.

And Congratulations!! I've been behind on reading my blogs and I'm thrilled to pieces to hear your good news!!


Down Home Simplicity said...

Aww...I feel your exhaustion. I too am laying around everywhere and thinking about this new little one growing inside me! I think I am only a month behind you! :)