Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wonder What Noah's Wife Thought...

Thank goodness my husband has a vision for our family. He is a planner, a goal-setter, a Budget Master. New Year's Eve night he spent recapping the financial decisions we made in 09 and how things would be different for 2010. I just sort of smiled and nodded as he picked apart every possible money spending issue that we would come across in the next year. When he starts talking numbers and terms like Roth and Principal my head just starts swimming; and so I wondered what Noah's wife thought.

I bet her husband was like mine in that he liked numbers. He was probably an engineer like my hubbie as God knew he was up for the task of following every angle and position of each piece of wood that would construct the ark. Noah had vision and I wondered if his wife just smiled and nodded as he talked of things to come.

I wonder what type of attitude she had. Losing counts of the days, weeks, and months of rain & water and animals & their filth. What had her husband gotten them into! Yet, she stood at his side and her family was gently guided through the raging water to dry land.

Scripture has been coming alive to me lately and I think it's because I try to put myself in the situation. Put yourself in the place of Noah's Wife. Replace your designer jeans and sweater for a robe and sandals. You've been assisting your husband in what he promises is instruction from the Lord. You've been cooped up in this boat so much that it is starting to annoy you. The only thing in sight is water...and more water.

I wonder if she still continued to smile and nod or if her frustration was evident in her attitude, her tone of voice, and the way she treated her family. Lord knows when the wifey ain't happy..nobody's happy!

Noah had a vision, he had a future. My hubbie has a vision and a future for our family and thank goodness it doesn't involve animals or their filth!

Thank you Lord for your promised of a future. Thank you that you have cast vision and determination in my husband's heart. Thank you that the promise of future includes hope...hope that you will bless our efforts to be good stewards of all you have given us. Help me to be a supportive wife, a helper...and help me do it joyfully!!

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alli zachry said...

Sommer, you are such a beautiful writer!! Thank you for sharing your heart and encouraging me to really dive into scripture and make it personal. I love how you have related your family to Noah's. What a great portrait you've painted to make me think about my own life! Love you sweet friend!