Friday, January 8, 2010

Making Investments..

I am trying hard this year to make eternal investments in my family.

I have asked a few friends (and now ask you) to join me in teaching scriptures to our "little hearts" this year. Our verse for January is Nehemiah 8:10 "The Joy of the Lord is My Strength"

She has already picked up quick! We smile and point to our cheeks when we say "joy" and make our muscles flex when we say "strength". It's pretty cute to watch her!

We mommy's are putting our verse on the fridge to remind us that our little ones are sponge's! They are soaking in all that is around them; and as for me and my house, we are going to learn about the goodness of our Savior! I would love if you would join us!

So far we have Feb and March lined out.

Feb -Create in me a clean heart Psalm 51:10 (thought we could have fun with this one since hearts are so prevalent during Feb for Valentines)

March- Make a joyful noise unto the Lord Psalm 98:4 (get out the pots and pans and let her bang away!!!)

I can't figure out how to attach the word document I made that has the scriptures typed in cute wording for your fridge, so if you want it e-mail me

Here is another little something I am working on for Kailtyn and I to learn all year. I am not quite finished working out all the details, but can't wait to share with you so you can join along with me.
Happy Friday!!!


Wynne & Stephen said...

sommer what a blessing you are to kaitlyn! how exciting times are for you - love that you are working toward your goals by investing time and teaching scripture to your precious little one & encouraging others to do the same with their little ones! love you!

alli zachry said...

Sommer you are such a wonderful mommy!!! Kaitlyn is soooooo blessed to have you in her life! Thank you for sharing how you are raising her up in the Lord. What an encouragement! I am so thankful for you and for the wonderful example you have set for me of what a Godly mother looks like. Love you sweet friend!

Leslie Neatherlin said...

Sommer I love this!!!!!!!!!