Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What are we up to???

.....ummm....??? but life seems super busy lately. It doesn't help that sometimes I feel like a circus clown chasing after Jackson. ;) My house looks like a complete disaster when I am trying to get ready for work. He's here-he's there....and then "oh no, I don't hear him, where is he"?

Life is full of lots of love, laughter, and messes now that Little Brother is mobile. What joy he has brought to our little home!

I am hosting Thanksgiving this year for both my family and Chris' family. It is sooooo nice to do it all at once and that everyone is such great friends. Luckily our mamas are taking care of the ham and turkey! But... I started thinking about the little many butters do I need, do I have enough salt and pepper shakers. Will I have enough serving spoons? Small when you think about how blessed we are to have all our family in one town-all healthy-all Christ followers! So incredibly thankful for our family! There are so many that will be alone this season.

I am also hosting an ornament exchange, A Meaningful Christmas, a week after Thanksgiving with my girlfriends which means Christmas will hit the Bledsoe household probably on Black Friday. Or will it??? Little Mister has already forced me to take everything off my coffee table and end just how will he keep his little hands from my decorations?

Speaking of my little man...he turns 1 year old in 2 weeks!!!
And Sister turns 4 next Wednesday!!
Whew! On top of that we finished ASK this week, Chris started a new job, the house has to be cleaned, meals made, laundry folded, and I'm still working 2 days a week.

Lord thank you for so much...for Your presence in our lives; for Your protection, Your provision. Thank you for a house full of love and chaos and noise and fingerprints on the fridge that remind me of My Precious Family.

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Wynne Elder said...

you sure a busy and thankful momma!!!! I can't believe Jackson is almost ONE and KK is almost FOUR!!!! gosh. I feel like I was just at her 3rd birthday...or was that her 2nd? looking forward to seeing you this weekend! love you!