Saturday, November 5, 2011

ASK......Learning Commandment 8 & 9

Last week we learned Do Not Steal; Commandment 8!
We talked about how that sneaky serpent told Eve she could steal a piece of fruit that God told her not to touch. We also discussed that God ALWAYS provides a way out when we are tempted to disobey one of His commands.
Kaitlyn had a BIG talk with Dad when we got home that stealing was wrong....and that he couldn't steal anymore kisses from her! HA!!! He likes to sing her a line from a song that says "I've always got to steal my kisses from you"

This week we learned Commandment 9; Do not Lie.

We learned to BEE Truthful!

I had a great teaching moment with Kaitlyn about lying this week. 

Kaitlyn accidentally broke a hook off the wall in my bathroom that our bathroom towels hang on. I told her that I would have to tell daddy when he got that I couldn't fix it and he would need to. Little Miss thought I meant I would tell daddy and she would be in trouble.
SOOOOOO....she says "Mom, can we pretend Jackson did it and tell daddy so Jackson will get in trouble"

WHAT!!?? I'm not going to lie (heeheee) my heart hurt in that moment. To hear the work of our sinful nature come out of a 3 year old mouth....ouch! 

I am so thankful at a great teaching moment with Kaitlyn about lying, but spitting mad at Satan. Kaitlyn and I said a BIG prayer in that moment that God would always help us tell the truth. 

I heard it once said,  to pray out loud with your children prayers you want them to repeat and pray for themselves. I try to always end our prayers with a personal plea..." God, help Kaitlyn and I love you more and more everyday and always obey your commands".  3 nights later, she prayed the same thing!!

Lord, thank you that I see the fruits of time invested in studying your word and teaching little one's about you!! Thank you that you are working in my little Kaitlyn's heart. May her heart ache to obey you.

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