Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Miss Priss

I cleaned out my closet this week. Quite a chore! I have every size imaginable in that dungeon! Luckily since having Jackson I was at pre-pregnancy weight at my first check-up appointment. But....there are those know the ones...the outfits you wore decades ago that you just know you will fit into someday. Well, I gave those the boot this week. I had hung onto them so long they aren't in style anymore.

As I made a pile (what Kaitlyn calls a mess) in my closet floor of outfits too small for me, Kaitlyn says "Ahhh (as if she's frustrated), okay mom I'll wear them if they are too little for you". Little did I know she had already threw together a snazzy outfit for herself!
I adore you my Little Miss Priss!

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