Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Funny Story...Letter B

I have to document this so it makes it in the blogbook. I am working from the website. Has anyone tried this?

Kaitlyn and I have been working on the Letter B this week so Monday while out running errands we searched road signs for Letter B's. We found Barnes & Nobles and Best Buy. She got so excited..."Look mom 2 B's!!!!"

And then Kaitlyn says, "Mom, let's look for the letter 7". Now Kaitlyn confuses the term letter and number quite often....and now she has days, years, and months all confused too. She told me yesterday, remember last year (which was yesterday) when we had a Popsicle?

So anyway, I respond, "Well, honey 7 is a number not a letter so we wont' find the letter 7". And immediatly she says "Look mom!! It's a letter 7!!!!!"

Darn you 7-11 gas station.......You made mommy a liar.



Keith and Becca said...

so sommer, how do you move your entries to the to make a book? Do you have to cut and paste each entry or does the whole year get uploaded... very interested. I stopped blogging and have been doing digital scrapbooking, just couldn't do both! I think you can do something similar w/ iphoto too but havent checked it out yet!

Sommer said...

Hi Becca! Hope all is well! Yes, blurb downloads all of your entries into their program. You can just print it from there, or if you want to customize and play with the layouts you can do that too. They have a neat video demo on their site that shows you how it works! Miss you guys!! I've seen pics of your new precious baby girl!!! Adorable!!!