Monday, May 23, 2011

I wish I could bottle them up....

Moments I wish I could bottle up....

  • Daddy and Kaitlyn playing barbies
  • Jackson rubbing his sleepy eyes
  • Back porch sitting with my honey
  • Kaitlyn rubbing my foot in the morning with her little foot after she has snuggled up in our bed
  • Little eyes that follow me around the room; Jackson is a mama's boy
  • The excitement Kaitlyn has to show us something she has made or learned. She almost tackles me at church to show me the page she has colored and to tell me the bible story she learned
  • Moments when you are in "mommy mode" or "cleaning mode" and you suddenly feel your hubby behind you with a sweet kiss
  • Phrases from your little one like "but I'm really going to miss you.." or "mommy, do you want to come play with me.." and I love talks about Kaitlyn's "someday prince"
 I am really trying to savor these little moments; I know I will miss them someday. 

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