Sunday, May 29, 2011


Isn't she just adorable!!
We are working on a little project in the backyard. 
Here is the before:

Our plan was to extend our patio this weekend. 
We spend so much time outside and we have the BEST evening shade for grilling out and playing outside.
But oh-oh!!
When daddy got online Friday to see how much stone pavers we needed to pickup he realized the stone we picked out has to be laid on concrete-not the packed sand we had planned on :(
Here are the beautiful stone tiles we were going to lay. 
Now we are back to square one picking a material. We are thinking of concrete stamping. Has anyone does this?? Regardless Chris started tearing up the grass and we are on our way.
I hope to show you a beautfiul patio in the next few weeks. 

And while I am on "before's". Here is my poor EMPTY dining room.

At first we didn't have the money, and then I couldn't make up my mind, and then the money was spent on Jackson's room...and now.....I think I have it figured out and hope to have a table in the next couple of months!! I know my family will be excited to not have to sit on card tables and plastic chairs!! HA!!
I also hope to show you an actual Dining Room (yippee!!!!) in the next few weeks.

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