Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Bucket List

Bledsoe's Summer Bucket List!

I have seen lots of posts about summer bucket lists! With this being the last summer with just the 3 of us I want to make it special. Here are some fun things in store for the Bledsoe Family!

1. Water ballon fight
2. Eat a snow cone
3. Watch fireworks and let K play with sparklers
4. Have a sleepover with Jayme and Syndi
5. Go to the library or Barnes/Nobles for story time
6. Make dad a surprise picnic dinner in the backyard
7. Take K to play miniature golf
8. Buy ice-cream from an ice-cream truck
9. Date night for KK with Dad
10. Camp out in the backyard in a tent
11. Go swimming at Sherwood
12. God Made Me! post on Shapes
13. ............I'll keep adding, but this should get us started! FUN!

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