Friday, June 4, 2010

My cutie!

Last night at dinner with friends for my BFF Jordan's birthday I got to tell a cute little story about my KK.

Here is our conversation one evening in the car on the way home from a baseball game..

Kaitlyn says "Mom, where is Chris?"
Mom:  "He's right here"
Kailtyn: "Well, where's daddy?"
Mom: "He's right here"
Kaitlyn "Well, where's Hey Babe?" all over my face at this little sweet girl that melts my heart!!!!

I love that she thinks one of Chris' name's is "Hey Babe" just because she hear's me call him that. My prayer is that I am showing her so much more about what a marriage rooted in God's grace and love looks like.

Happy Friday!

*photos by my friend Wynne @


Amanda said...

Such a cute little story... kids say the funniest things! I love the picture btw... Kaitlyn is beautiful!!!

Wynne & Stephen said...

yeah! i love the story & love the photos. thanks for the shout outs! love you sweet friend. so fun to watch KK grow up!