Friday, August 17, 2012

Our patient

Little Miss got her tonsils out today.

This process started Monday with blood work. Daddy and I tried our best to distract her, but Little Miss did not want her blood taken ;(

Kaitlyn kept apologizing for not being very brave....Sweet girl! Afterward she was super excited to show off her "cast"(just the bandage wrapped around her arm from the blood work.)
Luckily daddy bought us popcorn after Monday's blood work! 
Can i please be a pink-lady that sells popcorn to little munchkins at the hospital someday!?
Our hearts also felt pretty full after completing our last Random Act of Refreshment -leaving quarters on the vending machine at the hospital.
Friday morning (early!!!) Little Miss was all smiles.
  The staff and nurses were amazing and getting to take her new American Girl Doll, McKenna, in the operating room did wonders on Kaitlyns courage being without mom and dad.
Since being home we have been spoiled rotten by goodies left from friends, ice creams, and milkshakes!
Thank you for all the sweet thoughts, prayers, texts, and messages! With friends and family like you, Kaitlyn already wants to go back to the hospital!

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