Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1st day of Pre-K 4

Really! Summer is over!!?? 
Whether we are ready or not all our activities resumed this week including K's school!
 Kaitlyn started a new school 2 days a week while I work (yes, I'm still working a bit!)
We are super excited to already know 3 kids in our class and when I picked Little Miss up on Tuesday she said...."Mom, I had a great day! I love school...but I didn't even learn how to read yet"
 Sweet girl-you love learning!
We are looking forward to her new class and new teacher!! 
I am learning to clothe Kaitlyn's influences and environment in prayer-I think God has blessed us BIG time with such a great group of kids and teacher!
I'm savoring every moment of my days off (M/W/F) with Little Miss because I know that BIG K word (kindergarten!!) is around the corner and our precious moments together will be shorter ;(

I love you sweet baby girl. Your courage amazes me! Leaving you in a new room with new people...made this mama spend her entire ride to work lifting your name up to Jesus-for Him to look after your heart while you are not in my care.  
Your smile can light up a room and
 I pray you let that little light shine this year! 
Here's to savoring every moment of Pre-K!!
Thank you Aunt Jane and the girls for our sweet 1st day of school surprise-this was a great reminder and super cute!!

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