Friday, August 19, 2011

5 easy ways to surprise and delight your children

I saw a post that made me think of little ways to add more smiles and giggles to our days. These are easy, frugal, and make the everyday seem special!

1. Build a Fort.
You only need some blankets and creativity to transport your little one to a royal castle or a spaceship!
2. Make dinner fun!!
Buy Zoo pal plates and cups.The animals are so cute, and Kaitlyn always gets excited to eat all the food on her plate to see what animal is beneath.

Or, I am asking for this, Funny Food Plate for Christmas.Wouldn't this be so fun!!!
I seriously have fun food ideas running out my ears! Here are a few of my faves!

3. Leave a love note!
This is such a cool idea!!!
Use glow sticks (found at Dollar Tree) taped together to leave a love note.4. Make bath time fun!
Add a few drops of food coloring in an ice-cube tray, add water, and freeze.
Drop them in your child's bath. So easy and literally costs nothing!5. Go on a scavenger hunt!
We usually have a little snack around 3 or after dinner.
One night I made a treasure map for Kaitlyn to follow to find her snack.
You would have thought I took her to Disney Land she was so excited! Do you have any fun, easy ideas???


Jane said...

Ok, we like to do a "fake birthday". Sometime when we are in the mood for some baking we make a cake and designate it to be someone's fake birthday. It is such a big deal and we have so much fun - but no gifts though! We even sing, "Happy fake birthday to you..." One time we surprised B when he got home from work with HIS fake birthday! He was so surprised! Another time we invited the neighbors kids over to celebrate s or j's fake birthday with us! Hey, its an excuse to eat cake! :)

♥Jodi said...

Such fun ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

Sommer said...

How fun!! I should have known about the fake bday cakes while I was preggo & hungry! Ha!!! I would have requested something every week ;) Thanks for commenting!!

Jodi-LOVE the stuff you are picking for Little Misses BIG girl room!!!

Wynne Elder said...

sommer you are such an amazing momma! I can't wait to learn from you when I become a mom. thank you for sharing all of your fabulous ideas all the time! love it!