Sunday, February 13, 2011

God Made Me....and God Made LOVE!!!

It's been such a long time since Kaitlyn and I had a God Made Me theme.
This month we are learned 

And God made LOVE!!!!

Kaitlyn and I talked about how much God loves us and with Jesus in our hearts, we are apart of the greatest love story of all!! I had such a great time using our Valentine Love Chain to read scriptures about God's love over my kiddos.
Two of our verses on the topic of loving others allowed me to talk to Kaitlyn about loving our friends. We even sent some of our friends the cutest valentines cards.  

Our heart hunt was a blast!! We did this several times; she sure loved this idea! We even hid hearts for daddy one day and made him go on a heart hunt during his lunch break

We made valentines for our grandparents to tell them how thankful we are of their Godly examples of love!

We did a fun Jesus Love's Me puzzle where we matched up the hearts.

We made a fun heart dessert out of Twinkies (so healthy!!)

We found John 3:16 in our bibles, talked about what the verse means, and colored this fun scripture page. 

Mommy made me fun lunches for school, and we made Valentine butterfly's for our school party

 And last (but not least) mommy couldn't pass up an opportunity to give out a present in a really fun way!

We followed the string to our fun surprise!!!
The idea for Daddy's 24 reasons mommy love's him came from here.
Praying you are overwhelmed with His Love!!
…He will quiet you with His love and rejoice over you with singing!
Zeph. 3:17

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alli zachry said...

WOOWWWWW Sommer!!!! You never cease to amaze me!! Kaitlyn and Jackson are SO blessed to have you as their mommy! What an incredibly legacy you are beginning for them! They will always remember the effort you put into making learning fun and impactful for them! Thank you for your great example of how to be a Godly mother and wife! I cherish your friendship and LOVE so much!!! Love you!!