Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Putting CHRIST in Christmas

I know we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving (and I really don't want to rush by this season of thankfulness), but Kaitlyn and I have had some extra time together. By doctor's orders I am to have 3 lengthy rest times a day until Baby Jackson comes.so....with our extra time (which I am loving with her by the way) we put up our Happy Birthday Jesus Christmas tree in our front entry.
I really want my kiddos to grow up with the realization of why we as believers put such emphasis on Christmas and the birth of our savior. We have been playing with our nativity scene for a couple weeks now. We have a set Grammy and Grandad got us last year from One Step Ahead and Grandma Harper also got us a nativity set on thier bus trip a couple weeks ago.

I am hoping this little tree in our entry make a BIG statement in Kaitlyn's life and is a tradition we can continue each year. It sure is hard to remember the reason for the season with the hustle and bustle of parties and presents. Most of the ornaments came from our local christian bookstore Maredell's. I also got the Jesus is the Gift sign at Mardell's.  Here are a couple of ornaments on our tree.

We also have a Happy Birthday Jesus plate that will go in the kitchen. 
 I would love to hear if you have found any neat ways to teach your little ones about Jesus' birth. 
I think Kaitlyn is really soaking it all in. On the way to church Sunday we passed by a man putting Christmas lights on his roof and Chris asked Kaitlyn if she was going to be his big helper this year and help him decorate the house; to which Kaitlyn replied "Oh yea! Jesus is going to lub (love) it!"
Looking forward to celebrating His birth with my 2 little ones.
Can't wait for you to get here Baby Jackson!

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