Friday, November 5, 2010

Jordan Gets Married!!

2 weeks ago my BFF Jordan tied the knot!

It was such a joyous time for our entire household as I had the privilege to be the matron of honor and Kaitlyn the flower girl.Jordan has been such a blessing to me and my family and we were so excited to celebrate with her. I was ( as you will see) 8 months pregnant.

Poor Jordan, I called her the day we were ordering bridesmaid dresses to tell her STOP!!! I think I am going to need a maternity dress. I actually called Jordan before I let Chris know :)

Jordan was....stunning! The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was the party of the year! Here's to my sweet Jordan Katherine BRUNO!! Can't wait to swap old married stories and go on family vacations (get to work on that..hint hint).

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