Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If there hadn't been you...

My sweet Kaitlyn,

The day is approaching that my precious family will grow to 4. Although I absolutely can not wait to meet your little brother my heart knows that the time of "just the 3 of us" is slowly ticking away.
It's hard to imagine that I could love another little person as much as I love you. I have to admit that there have been great times of spoiling you rotten. The thought that you might have to share me with someone else.... is hard for me to wrap my head around.

What I am trying to say my precious baby girl is that I love you more than I ever knew I could love someone. You have taught me so many things about myself. You have made me such a better person.
You have made my heart ache to grow closer to Jesus. I want you to understand that He is all yours sweet girl, I pray that He captivates your heart at this very young age.
I want to be the best mommy I can to you. My life is so much sweeter with you in it and I count all the many blessings that I would have never known if there hadn't been you.
 If there hadn't been you......I would never understand what it means to truly love someone, expecting nothing in return. 
I If there hadn't been you.........I would not giggle near as often
 If there hadn't been you.......I would never have realized that the "perfect day".... is really just the ordinary and sacred mixed into every moment
 If there hadn't been you.......I would not have experienced the throbbing feeling in my heart when you are hurt or in pain
If there hadn't been you.......I would have never known the warmth and joy, the heartache, and satisfaction that God would entrust me with.
 If there hadn't been you.......there would be far less pink in our house little princess
If there hadn't been you.....I would not smile while cleaning the fingerprints on the fridge or the spots on the glass where your little tongue has been
 If there hadn't been you.......I would not appreciate the fun sidewalk chalk drawings on the back porch
 If there hadn't been you.......I would not wait each morning (expectantly) for the pitter-patter of little feet running across the kitchen tile to snuggle in mommy and daddy's bed
 If there hadn't been you.......I would not get so exited to teach you new things. I spend hours and hours thinking of ways to have fun with you and teach you all about God and his wonderful creation
 If there hadn't been you......I would have never grown to love my sweet husband as your daddy. Watching him love on you melts my heart and my prayer is that you two grow to have the kind of relationship I had with my daddy

 If there hadn't been you......I would not be near as excited to do it all over again; this time with your little brother and you right along side to be mommy's big helper

I didn't know I was capable of feeling so much. I thank my Sweet Jesus for YOU Kaitlyn Nicole Bledsoe! My life would not be complete, if there hadn't been you!!


Cindy Roberts Richardson said...

Every bit of this is so precious and you have come to understand God's purpose in being a Mommy:) Love & Miss you! Cindy Richardson:):)

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

This is the most beautiful post!

The whole time I was reading and looking, I was thinking about what a great storybook this would be for Kaitlyn. I know this is going to sound like an advertisement, but I swear, I'm just trying to share an idea. :) I use the Creative Memories software to make digital scrapbooks and I like to make special ones with my son as the intended audience. This would be such a beautiful album. The text is already there, and then add the pictures to our predesigned pages, and give it to her for Christmas (or even when baby brother is born!) I bet she would ADORE looking through it, and it would be such a great keepsake.

Research shows that kids who look at family pictures often have higher self esteem, and I think this would be the PERFECT book for her to look through, even when she's going through rough times as a teenager or adult.

I'd love to see you put these pictures and text somewhere where she can see them more easily!!!

Casey said...

Sommer-That is the sweetest story and Kaitlyn (and Jackson) are very lucky to have you as a mommy! Congratulations! :))

Sommer said...

Thank you Katie! I did make it into a book :) Kaitlyn's birthday is in 2 weeks and I plan to give it to her then. Thank you for your sweet words....and encouragement!