Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sneak Peak at Bledsoe Fam's Pics

My sweet friend Wynne took pictures of just the 3 of us a couple of weeks ago. Wynne has lauched her photography buisness and is doing so great!! God is really usuing her talents!!
Here is her website/blog http://www.wynneelderphotography.com/

Check out a sneak peak of our pictures here http://wynneelderphotographyblog.com/?p=245


Wynne & Stephen said...

yeah!!! so so so fun!!! love you! had so much fun with yall!

jane.bledsoe said...

My favorite is KK laying in the grass! And I think I recognize that big sister shirt! You are a beautiful family!

Down Home Simplicity said...

Sommer I love your new pictures of the family! Such a precious time!