Friday, April 16, 2010

God made ME! And God made....Colors!

Didn't God make our world so vibrant!! 
This month we are learned 

and God made COLORS!
We read our Noah and The Ark book to learn about how God sent us a COLORFUL rainbow as a promise to us.
(Now K think she sees a rainbow every time we go cute!)
Learning about COLORS gave us lots of time to learn about the story of Noah and God's COLORFUL creation.

We matched fruit loops to colors of the rainbow

We printed out a color book to learn how COLORFUL God's creation is. 
We colored sugar with food coloring and made COLORFUL cookies
We had a fun COLORFUL rainbow snack. 

We learned about Joseph and coat of many COLORS!
We played lots of COLOR matching games

We drank COLORFUL milk (just added drops of food coloring) and used to the milk to paint our toast fun COLORS

Thank you Lord for making your CREATION so COLORFUL

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