Monday, April 5, 2010

What are the chances?? It's NCAA madness!!

So remember when I posted about Chris and Kaitlyn picking her bracket here. Well, what are the chances that she would pick the 2 final teams. Yep, that's right. Kaitlyn's bracket has Duke playing Butler.

Read Daddy's comments to all his friends about it below.

I think I’ve told most of you about Kaitlyn’s NCAA bracket, but for those who don’t know here’s a brief overview.

I wanted to have my 2-year old daughter fill out a bracket this year just to see how it would turn out.  So how did we do this?  I printed off the logos of all 64 teams and Kaitlyn picked her favorite in each matchup until the entire bracket was filled out 

The only assistance I gave was this:

·         All 1, 2, and 3 seeds automatically won the first round.  This turned out to be a mistake since Georgetown was upset by Ohio in round 1.

·         All 1 seeds automatically won the second round.  This again turned out to be a mistake since Kansas went down to N. Iowa in round 2.

·         Past that, the picks were all hers based on conversations like this: “Kaitlyn, do you like the Badger (Wisconsin) or the Wildcat (Kentucky)? Ok, Badger it is.”

Now that the tournament is nearing its end, I thought it would be fun to share her bracket with you guys—see attachment.  As you may guess, I wouldn’t be showing this off if there wasn’t something just absolutely amazing—like the fact that she picked a Butler/Duke matchup in the final game.  Although her other two final four teams (Houston and Wisconsin) didn’t play out as well, it’s still hilarious to show that a 2-year old has as good of a chance to pick this bracket as any of us sports junkies.

Unfortunately I did not enter her bracket in my office pool—otherwise she would be the winner of a $500 prize right now.  The winner was a good friend and co-worker of mine so I’m going to try and guilt him into splitting the winnings with Kaitlyn’s college fund.  Here’s to March Madness and all the exciting games.

Final notes:

·         You will notice some scribbles on the bracket below the championship game.  This is Kaitlyn’s signature validating this bracket.

·         She picked Texas to lose in the first round—she makes me so proud in moments like this.

·         Kaitlyn picked my beloved Aggies to go out in the second round to Purdue.  Even though this was a correct pick, it taught me a lesson—don’t use the word “choo-choo-train” to describe an opponent of the Aggies to a 2-year old.

Chris Bledsoe

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