Thursday, February 4, 2010

My precious friend Allison just texted me that they are leaving the hospital with their sweet baby boy Grayson. This little one made his grand entrance on Ground Hog Day!

She has been the most adorable pregnant lady; beautiful on the inside Yes!, but read her sweet words of anticipation here for her little one and you see she is just as beautiful on the inside.

Wynne gave just a teaser of what this sweet boy looks like and I am dying to see his precious face.

Reading her text flooded me with memories of Chris wheeling me out of the hospital (I had a C-Section) holding little Miss. How careful we were to put her in the car one block down the road I thought "what am I doing in the front seat" and made Chris pull over so I could be closer to her...taking her into her bedroom that I spent hours & tears & love & frustration into being just gentle and careful and precious that first night was of her in our care. Oh Alli! The best is yet to come!!

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Wynne & Stephen said...

oh how fun!! I can't wait to hear how her first night is going. you are such a sweet friend & I'm glad Alli has "mommy" friends to help encourage and love on her during this time {one's that actually know what she's going through!} Ok after I get alli's permission I will post pics of grayson :)