Thursday, February 11, 2010

HANDsome Daddy!

Chris suprised us and is coming home tonight, one day early from a buisness trip! We got busy and made him a "You are so HANDsome" sign by tracing our hands. Kaitlyn even helped cut them out!
We hung them on his bathroom mirror and added our card and some fun Valentine crafts we made him.

And the best part!! Inside the card is a note from Kailtyn telling Daddy to have fun with Mommy watching an Aggie Basketball game in Lubbock on Saturday! We think he is going to be totally suprised!!

Happy Valentines Day Daddy!!!

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Wynne & Stephen said...

yeah for chris coming home!! how fun is that. I LOVED our slumber party last night - thanks for having me :) I love all the crafts that yall did for chris. you are so creative. such a WONDERFUL mom you are! for sure someone I look up to! love you! ps -maybe we'll run into yall at the game sat :)