Monday, May 4, 2009

I dare you to find a flaw...

My sweet little hubbie spent all weekend painting stripes in Kaitlyn's new room. At the old house, we had green vertical stripes covering all the walls. It was super cute, but sometimes I felt like I was walking into a circus tent! Do you see what I mean?

Thanks to our engineer-minded husband, I dare you to find a flaw! These are the straightest lines I have ever seen!!

We decided to keep it simple this time and just do a few stripes in the middle of the wall. I think it turned out cute! Once we get everything hung on the walls and a big pink rug on the floor, there will be plenty of me :)

Thanks dad!!!

1 comment:

Jessica Louder said...

That is the cutest room EVER Sommer! I LOVE it!