Monday, May 11, 2009

3 Little Letters...

It's amazing how 3 little letters have changed my life...MOM. I can not even begin to express the miracle God has given us in Kaitlyn. I understand love in a whole new way.
I got an idea from cousin Allison, so here are 3 word phrases to sum up what a difference being called MOM has meant.

surprise you're here, not enough sleep, more milk please, I said no, you are everything, my snuggle buddy, pink piggy tails, cartoon network rocks, college fund savings, what free moment? swing slide & sand, tutu dress-up days, late nights stink, bath time bubbles, mommy's big helper, lunch with dad, sweet slobbery kisses, play dates w/ friends, Papa's sweet angel, ice cream treats, purses purses purses, dancing with daddy, picnic basket lunch, life's never same, love you more.....

Love you sweet girl...what a blessing to be your mom.

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